Color Correction

Color Correction is the soul of photo editing. Color correction is a term that is frequently used in a number of ways; it generally mean to convert or modify along with of a picture or its specific areas. Not all pictures require color correction but many pictures can be improved with a minor correction.

Color-correction systems allows the owner to improve the hue quality of the picture and consists of paying lighting style circumstances, changing the gamma attribute, managing of grayscale levels and changing the overall view colorimetric to create a careful feelings.

Why Use Color Correction?

·         Brightening a dark or underexposed image

·         Correcting poor contrast

·         Increasing the dynamic range of an image

·         Adjusting lighting levels across an image

·         Naturally drawing viewers to a certain part of a picture

·         Changing the mood of your photograph without making major edits

·         Removing unnatural tints


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