Web Image Optimization

What is Image Optimization?

Image optimization is using the most compressed yet virtually acceptable image in the proper file format for the specific role of the image. Image optimization is a tricky business. You have to get the right balance between the image size and image quality.

Why is Image Optimization Needed?

With file sizes upwards of a couple of megabytes per image, if you put these files on your website it would be very slow to load. Optimizing your image for web means saving or compiling your image in a web friendly format depending on what the image contains. The main reason why it's so important to optimize your images is because 90% of most websites are graphics dependent and therefore there are a lot of image files. Leaving these images uncompressed and in the wrong format can drastically slow down your web page load times.

Why Chose Us for Image Optimization?

Trusting an overseas company to outsource services such as photo enhancement is a major consideration, especially when looking to build a friendly relation with a company. We are confident of providing you with top quality work within a short time.

Reason for choosing us

·         Low cost tags

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